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Welcome to Kelle Boggs Dance Studio!

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Current Events at KBDS (2024)

Charleston Studio Summer Dance Camp
June 3, 4, 5

Visit the link below to register!

Winfield Studio Summer Dance Camp
June 10, 11, 12

Visit the link below to register!

Open House/New & Returning Student Enrollment TBA!
2024-2025 Season

Winfield & Charleston Studios

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Founded by the late Miss Kelle Boggs

Proudly Celebrating 45 Years of Dance Excellence!

 ~Voted Best In The Valley & Best In The Tri-State ~

Proudly Serving Putnam & Kanawha Counties 

Home of the National Grand Champions!

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Our Mission

Lifelong ambitions, dreams, & friends begin here... Dance at KBDS changes everything!

Family-Owned and Operated since 1979, Kelle Boggs Dance Studio is located in the heart of Winfield, West Virginia. Owner & Artistic Director, Deana Boggs-McNeil and her daughter, Cheyenne McNeil, serve students in a professional setting. KBDS is a third generation family owned and operated dance studio. 

Kelle Boggs Dance Studio offers a dance education in a very nurturing, loving, and entertaining environment. Our studio prides itself on making every dancer the absolute best he/she can be! The studio provides an energetic atmosphere and strives to constantly evolve in the world of dance and performing arts. 

KBDS offers top-notch instruction in classes for children ages 2-18 in tap, ballet, jazz, hip-hop, creative movement, lyrical/contemporary, improvisation, technique/conditioning, and much more. Our combination based classes are the perfect balance of structure, discipline, and fun. Each dance class is specific to your child's development age and stage. 

Whether you are a dancer looking for an extra-curricular activity consisting of fun and discipline, or someone who is interested in traveling with the Competition Team and furthering a more serious, rigorous program, then we are definitely the studio for you! ​

At KBDS we foster continual improvement, self-confidence, and positive reinforcement. Memories and training are ensured to last a lifetime! 

​"One of our primary goals is to teach life lessons and skills that offer children the best chance for success. Dance education encompasses far more than technique and the steps the children learn. I believe the discipline of dance training gives young people a better understanding of commitment through learning, experiencing the spirit of teamwork, and discovering what they can accomplish through hard work. Our goal is to educate the minds, bodies, and souls of our students, teaching them the skills needed for a successful life, whether or not they stay involved in dance." ~Rhee Gold


Studio of Stars! 

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Classes Offered at KBDS!

We have what you need! Learn and grow with KBDS!

Your quest for the perfect Dance Studio can end right here. Our extensive list of classes includes many types of dance, performance opportunities, and a variety of skill levels, so rest assured there’s an option that’s perfect for you.

Please note: The studio has a closed-door policy. Only students are allowed in the classrooms to ensure that the dancers remain focused. Classes should and will be held free from distractions. 

Christmas & Spring Production Performances for KBDS Students:  

All students registering are expected to participate in the Christmas Show and year-end Spring Production as we believe the performances are an important part of the student's dance education. 

Creative Movement: Christmas/Spring Production Performance
Ages 2 - 3 Years

(30 minute class)

Joyful way for your tiny dancer to explore movement through music and dance. Your child will work on developing physical skills, channel energy, stimulate imagination, and creativity in an exciting atmosphere. 

Combination Classes: Christmas/Spring Production Performance

Ages 4 - 5 Years (45 minute class)

 Ages 5 - 18 Years (60 & 75 minute classes)

Combo classes are designed to give all dancers a taste of a couple of styles and expose them to the exciting world of dance through exploration and imagination! ALL combination classes include foundation courses such as tap, ballet, and jazz OR ballet, jazz, technique, and improvisation (more advanced classes). Other genres such as contemporary, hip-hop, turns and leaps are taught as well for the older, more advanced classes. 

Turn & Technique Conditioning: Class Offered in Courses

Advanced Dancers 

(45 minute class)

Class focus: Turns, leaps & jumps, flexibility, strength, core, across the floor progressions. Dancer's are lead through a full body warmup and stretch. Dancer's are given tools and instruction on how to improve their alignment, kinetics, and over all execution and dynamic skills.

Adult Jazzercise: 18 & up (Class Offered in 4-6 Week Courses)

Adults only

(45 minute class)

Fun and energetic class for adults! Class blend of dance cardio and follow along choreography to upbeat music. Come get your sweat on!

Elite Traveling Competition Troupe: 

Please inquire via email for more information.

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Studio Class Schedule 

Fall 2023 - Spring 2024

Combination Class Day & Time

Winfield & Charleston Studios

Monday: *Winfield Studio

[Competition Troupe]

Tuesday: *Winfield Studio

3:15pm - 4:00pm [4/5 Year-Olds] WAIT LIST/CLASS FULL

4:00pm - 5:00pm [1st Grade] WAIT LIST/CLASS FULL

5:00pm - 5:30pm] [Creative Movement 2/3-Year-Olds WAIT LIST/CLASS FULL

5:30pm - 6:15pm [4/5 Year-Olds] WAIT LIST/CLASS FULL

6:15pm - 7:30pm [4th & 5th Grade] WAIT LIST/CLASS FULL

Wednesday: *Winfield Studio

4:00pm 4:45pm [Kindergarten] WAIT LIST

4:45pm - 6:00pm [2nd & 3rd Grade] WAIT LIST

6:00pm - 7:15pm [Middle School] WAIT LIST/CLASS FULL

7:15pm - 8:30pm [High School Advanced] WAIT LIST/CLASS FULL

Thursday: *Charleston studio

4:00pm - 5:00pm [Grade School 1st-5th]

5:15pm - 5:45pm [Creative Movement/Pre-K 2.5-5-Year-Olds] WAIT LIST

6:00pm - 7:00pm [7th-12th Grade Advanced Contemporary/Improvisation]

Charleston Studio - *Adult Jazzercise Classes: 2024 Summer Session TBA!


Pop Up Master Classes: *Times TBA


Pop Up Master Classes: *Times TBA

Sunday: [AAB Charleston Ballet ~ KBDS Competition Troupe] 

Email our office at to receive more information on the registration process! 


Creative Movement



Classical Ballet

Jazz - Musical Theatre


Contemporary - Lyrical

Award Winning Competition Troupe


Turn & Technique Training

 Private Lessons (Upon Availability) 

Fitness Class

Adult Jazzercise

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Monthly Rates and Tuition

WV Sales Tax Included in Prices for both Winfield & Charleston locations

There is a one time registration fee due at the time of enrollment. Please email our office for more information. 

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Monthly Tuition & Tax

Recreational Dance Classes - 1 Day A Week

  • One Child: Creative Movement (2 - 3 years of age) $70/month

  • One Child: Combination Class (4 - 18 years of age) = $85/month

Family Rates and Discounts

Recreational Dance Classes 

  • Upon eligibility, there is a 20% sibling discount for the lesser enrolled student. 

Turn & Technique Courses

Committed to Quality Training and Conditioning

  • Turn & Technique: Courses to be announced! 

  • Drop in rate = $15/class

Studio Rentals

Birthday parties, baby showers, rehearsals, studio space, portraits, etc.

Please contact us for more information!

  • Studio Space for dancers = $25.00/hour

  • Half day rental fee = $53.00

  • Full day rental fee = $106.00

Traveling Competition Troupe

Please inquire via email about our traveling team! 

Please inquire via email about our traveling Competition Troupe!

Dress Code at KBDS

Dancers should take time and care when dressing for classes. Hair is always to be tied away from your face, especially Competition and Advanced classes. Street clothes are not permitted in dance class. Instructors must be able to correct dancers appropriately and they may be obstructed if the dancer's alignment is hidden. We feel you must dress for success; therefore, when you look like a dancer, you will dance like one too!

Don't forget! 

  • Hair should be tightly secured, away from face; a neat ballet bun is preferred. 

  • Jewelry and watches should not be worn to class. 

  • Dance wear should be kept in good condition and laundered on a regular basis. 

  • Please label all belongings with your dancer's name. 

  • No baggy clothes are to be worn. 

  • Always send your dancer with a water bottle! 


Creative Movement & Pre-K Classes *Ages 2-5

Tap/Ballet/Jazz Attire: 

-Pink leotard

-Capezio, light pink transition tights. 

-Capezio/Bloch ballet shoes (pink).

-Black flat tap shoes (beginner style); All tap shoes must be black and must have an elastic fastener. 


Kindergarten & Grade School Classes  

Tap/Ballet/Jazz Attire:

-Black leotard

-Capezio, light pink transition tights. 

-Black flat tap shoes (beginner style); All tap shoes must be black with an elastic fastener. (Kinder-3rd grade classes)

-Capezio/Bloch ballet shoes (pink).

-Black Capezio/Bloch jazz shoes (Neo-flex preferred). 

-*4th/5th Grade Class requires an inch and half high heel tap shoe. *Please see Backstage Bodywear in Charleston for all your dance wear needs! 


6th-12th Grade & Advanced Classes

Ballet/Jazz/Technique Attire:

-Black leotard

-Capezio, light pink transition tights. 

-Convertible tights are preferred for exercises that require bare-feet. 

-Capezio/Bloch ballet shoes (pink).

-Black Capezio/Bloch jazz shoes (Neo-flex preferred).  


Male Dancers

-Black shorts, pants

-Black or white tank or t-shirt

-Black Capezio/Bloch ballet shoes

-Black Capezio/Bloch jazz shoes

-Creative movement and Kinder-5th Grade classes require black tap shoes for male dancers. 

Dancing Shoes

Where To Purchase Your Dance Attire?

All dance-wear, shoes, tights, accessories, and more can be purchased at Backstage Bodywear in Charleston. They are located at 205 W Washington St.  Dance attire can also be purchased on several dance sites such as Discount Dance, Capezio, Amazon, etc. 

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KBDS Calendar & Holidays


The Studio will be CLOSED the following Holidays:

Trick-or-Treat, one week for Fall Break, one week for Thanksgiving, three weeks for Winter Break, MLK Day, and one week for Spring Break (Putnam County). 

Christmas Show Presenting All Students: Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Spring Production Presenting All Students: Sunday, May 19, 2024

Seasonal classes begin each September, the day after Labor Day, and run up until the 3rd week of May; closing out with the end-of-year Production featuring all registered KBDS students. 

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Home: About

Meet the Team

You’re in Great Hands

Meet our talented and highly trained team of instructors at Kelle Boggs Dance Studio! Focused on teaching exceptional technique and performance skills, all while creating unforgettable experiences, our team is committed to our dancers’ satisfaction and success. If you’d like to set up an introductory meeting, please do not hesitate to reach out!

Home: Dance Instructors

Deana Boggs-McNeil

Owner - Artistic Director

Miss Deana Boggs-McNeil

Headshot 2019 Cheyenne_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Cheyenne McNeil

Co Owner - Instructor - Choreographer - Office Management

Cheyenne McNeil was born and raised in Poca, West Virginia. At the age of 3, she began her dance career at Kelle Boggs Dance Studio, Inc., which her grandmother—Kelle Boggs—founded in 1979. Her mother Deana Boggs-McNeil is the current Artistic Director and choreographer. Cheyenne was introduced to a plethora of dance styles ranging from tap, ballet, jazz, contemporary, and theatre. She has also studied with notable dance instructors such as Kim Pauley, Jerry Rose, MaShawn Morton, Barry Youngblood, and Brianne Solomon among others. During that time, she participated in many conventions and national talent competitions such as StarPower, Professional Dance Teachers Association (PDTA), JUMP, and StarQuest. At the early age of 7, Cheyenne was recognized by her talent to sing, dance, and act. During her time with PDTA, she was awarded The Triple Threat award and The Best Style award in recognition for her performing presence and energy. Cheyenne was invited to study in Florida with a talent agency leading to work affiliated with the company Professional Dance Teachers Association. Cheyenne has performed in the Nutcracker as the hare drummer with the Charleston Ballet, and the annual spring dance productions with Kelle Boggs Dance Studio, Inc. In school, Cheyenne participated in competitive gymnastics, competitive cheerleading, and her middle school and high school cheerleading teams and was named captain of the squad. She was also apart of her middle school band where she played the snare drum and participated in many band concerts. During her high school career, Cheyenne was a member of the Poca High School’s Visual Volume Show Choir where she earned many titles as the Best Performer. Throughout her career with the Choir, Cheyenne was later awarded the Best Performer at the State Show Choir Festival. Cheyenne was also a member of the Marshall University Dance Team, performing in the Boca Raton Bowl in Miami. While a member of the dance team, she also participated in NFL Pittsburgh Steelers halftime show. Cheyenne attended the Joffrey Ballet Schools Summer Jazz and Contemporary Intensive in New York City, New York where she was chosen to perform choreography by Friedrick Bührer and Timothy Edwards at Symphony Space. While at the intensive she studied with John Vincent Leggio, Kristian Cellini, Sue Samuels, Trevor Krahl, and Sekou McMiller. While in New York City, she attended class with Matt Steffanina at Broadway Dance Center where she frequently visits while in New York City. Cheyenne is a current graduate of West Virginia University where she received her Bachelor of Arts in Dance and a minor in psychology. At WVU she studied and trained with Yoav Kaddar, General McArthur Hambrick, Gretchen Moore, Matt Saffron, and Maureen Mansfield Kaddar. She has participated in annual dance concerts, such as the Celebration of Dance and Dance Now!. She attended American College Dance Association Mid-Atlantic Conference at Virginia Commonwealth University in the spring of 2018 strengthening her artistry in modern, musical theatre, and jazz. Cheyenne continues her professional dance education by participating in master classes, workshops, and seminars in New York City and around the country. Cheyenne looks forward to following in her families footsteps and expanding Kelle Boggs Dance Studio, Inc. as the third generation family business owner. Cheyenne loves to be able to share her experience and training with her fellow community.


Ashton McNeil

Secretary - Office Management - Backstage Manager

Ashton McNeil is a graduate from Marshall University where she received her Doctorate in Nurse Anesthesia Practice. She loves helping out with the family business and the joy that dance brings into her life!


Miss Kelle Boggs (1944-2003)

Founder of Kelle Boggs Dance Studio, Inc.

Miss Kelle Boggs founded the studio in 1979. The studio has been in business now for 45 Years living out the dream of Miss Kelle! The passion & mission of KBDS remains the same as when the studio started back in 1979.

Get in touch to learn more about our team.


Word on the Street

Fabulous Studio located in Winfield, WV. Looking for amazing instruction? Look no further! This studio is family run and very dear to our hearts. They are Organized, Punctual, Reliable. Deana offers outstanding instruction and puts on a Production that will knock your socks off! I've left my child in her care for hours upon hours. It has often been her second home. She has always been treated like gold. They travel, compete, and win on a National level and have for years upon years! Come see what it's like!

Melinda Stotts Starcher

If you need a dance studio come to KBDS! It's not just a studio it's a family and we LOVE our dance family...This will be our 6th year and the studios 40th!!!

Ashlea Slater Harmon

Kelle Boggs Dance studio is one of a kind. Deana is an amazing instructor and gives her all to her students. No matter what level of dance you are looking for you will find it here.
We are so thankful that we stumbled upon this studio 8 years ago! Top Notch!!!!

Christina Pritt Sibold

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Please contact us for more information! Our team is ready to assist you in anyway that we can!

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